Razhar The Demi-Dragon

Razhar Demi-Dragon is a fell beast cursed to forever prowl the shadowy veil between the living and the dead by the Demon Warlock Kauldrak.

Gnome with the Pipe Smoke

I have Gnomes on the brain.This is an edited version of a previous gnome that I did. I am going to try and clean up the line work and see how it looks digitally too as well. This is a work in progress piece.

PIpe GnomeLArge

Gnome with the pipe smoke

Aekasha The Merrywild Goddess

Aekasha The Merrywild Goddess is an amalgam of a nymph, naga, stag, and Angel. She is a protean fey creature who is exemplifies the magic within nature. She resides within and is apart of The Merrwild Forest. Her living sanctuary from the dark forces of Aerwyn. Song Elves sing of her dangerous beauty.




This is a watermarked variant. The watermarked free color corrected version is available for download for contributors of my Patron account.Prints will be made available as soon as the store is set up. thank you all who support my creative endeavors.

-Allen Childers

W.I.P Merrywild Goddess “Aekasha”

The Merrywild Forest is home to all manner of Feyfolk and other magical creatures. The Goddess ” Aekasha” watches over the Forest with serpentine gaze. In this form she is a hybrid blend Nymph, Naga,Stag, &Song Elf. She is a gregarious shapeshifter and deletes in the beauty of natural chaos.

This is pretty raw and needs cleaned up. The final image will be  early released for my Patron backers before I post other places.

Childersart Studios Procreate App Video Gallery

Ever since I purchased the Procreate App I have loved creating characters.I am not a photoshop guru like many artists are and most of these were done with my finger. Watching  videos of myself drawing allows me insight on how better to improve my picture making process through digital media.



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