My Current Projects

I just wanted to keep everyone in the loop on my current projects I am involved in. Well for starters I am available for commission work and I am flexible with pay in regards to Artwork. I mainly  do concept artwork but I can illustrate whatever is needed please email or contribute to my Patreon page to support my work! Thank you!


Currently I am trying to get a small press company,Spellhawks Press, off the ground by helping my long time friend Dustyn McCormick publish his novel Ragged EDGE. Since we do not have cover art I will give you the synopsis from the tale from the GoFundME.

After a ferocious confrontation with a succubus to save the life of his psychiatrist, Sean Gryphon of Atlantis is ordered to protect human archeologist Dr. Ilsy Hillerman and her latest discovery, the missing ten pages of the Codex Gigas, also known as the Devil’s Bible. Sean and his unusual allies, Cajun werewolf Ben Jennings, and the Celtic Goddess Danu, risk everything to save Ilsy’s life from foes with powers beyond his own, and prevent the author of the Codex from opening a gateway to hell on earth.

That’s nothing too far out of the ordinary for Sean. Except this time the Atlantean Elder Council is tired of his cavalier attitude and threatens him with death if he fails. Even more terrifying than death threats, Sean finds himself falling in love with Ilsy”

It’s a urban fantasy with elements of the supernatural and adventure.


Next up I have a My Riftjammers Campaign Setting  that has been eating away at my creative juices with the scope of it.  Even before Paizo announced Starfinder I was obsessed with playing a Space Fantasy Campaign. I wanted to do a Guardians of the Galaxy, Firefly, Andromeda kind of setting with faraway alien worlds and unique playable races. I am a huge fan of psionics and Dreamscarred Press has some amazing classes & races. It’s also allowed me to really engage and follow many third party publishers which I thought Riftjammers would be perfect to release under Spellhawks Press.

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