Happy New Year!!

Well folks it is 2019 and I am one year away from being 40 years old! I guess I can finally say I am mostly an adult. Although there are days when adulting can be tedious. I am really looking forward to the new year!

2018 seemed to be a year of heartache and pain for many reasons. My stepdad passed away this last year. One of his last gifts for me was an an art book. In some way I think it was his way of telling me not to give up on my dreams as an artist. We didn’t always see eye too eye on things but towards the end I think our relationship fostered and grew closer.

2018 also had me seek new full time- employment as an Art Para for our local grade school. Everyday I will be surrounded by young curious minds who want to express themselves creatively.  This is really good for me. I love inspiring creativity in people. Watching kids discover new art techniques and seeing how creative they can be inspires me in my own work.

Looking forward in 2019 . Having a resolution is great but honestly having a plan of action and a goal to work towards can yield better results. One of my resolutions is to learn how to draw better. I feel like the teenage version of me had a deep well of talent and mostly squandered it before it could be refined. I have never been one for technique or discipline but now that I’ve spun my wheels for the last 15 years artistically I know the value of building that refinement in your work.

I hope you all have blessed 2019. May the gods of creativity, passion, and wonder fill you with the joy and the frustration of creation.


Goliath Character last holiday commission of 2018 © Childersart Studios



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