ArtCon 2023 was Amazing!!

Recently I had the pleasure of attending ArtCon in Neosho, MO ! It was hosted by the Neosho Arts Council. This was an exciting event for me because it was my first comic book / fan convention and I had the best time!!

I got to meet a few different artists and trade prints. Several friends who were friends of mine made the trip to see me! I can’t wait to attend ArtCon next year and I hope to see you there!

Kobold Alchemist & Juvenile Mimic

Kobold Alchemist and Juvenile Mimic illustrated in Procreate App on 12.9 Ipad pro. I like the looseness of this sketch and the mimic mug was really fun to draw. I may do the mimic mug by itself later and make stickers or pins out of it. Really had fun with this one.

Sketch Phase Kobold Alchemist ©Allen Childers
Value Scale Kobold Alchemist ©Allen Childers
Color Rough Kobold Alchemist ©Allen Childers
Kobold Alchemist ©Allen Childers

Enjoy the Process!

As artists what are good ways to overcome burn out and imposter syndrome? Part of what helps is realizing all creatives experience this. We all go through ebs and flows with our creativity and that is apart of the process. Also trusting in artistic processes, working on fundamentals, and taking in art outside your preferred medium helps a bit. Lift yourself up and realize your art is as much about the process of the making of art as the finished product. Take time and experience it rather than rushing to the end zone. There are hundreds of artists that make better work than me but none of it can take my creative experience away and the joy I feel when creating. That is the magic of making.

The Frost Rhealm Commission

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Doragon Kishu or @Dragon_Ryder7 on twitter with his Frost Rhealm D&D module. Here are some of the sketches from that commission. This is my first module I worked on for someone who is self-publishing an adventure. While I attempted to illustrate maps as well I didn’t feel that comfortable doing them. I will have to practice them in the future to get better! The entire process with working with someone and collaborating with them was fun. I learned a lot!

If you would like to hire me to illustrate for you please see my contact/rates page here  or email me at


Summer Commission Sale!!



I am having a summer commission sale on my freelance commissions. If you want your D&D character or monster drawn or help with the look of developing characters for you story than I am more than willing to assist you.

If anyone needs any commission artwork done my prices are fair. Thank you!
$20 – Sketch Portrait digital illustration
$30- Sketch Full Figure/Creature digital illustration

$40- Color portrait digital illustration
$45- Color Full figure/Creature digital illustration
$50- Color Full Figure/Portrait Digital Print/ Signed by artist
I own the copyrights to all commissioned images. If you’d like exclusive rights to commissioned character please see my hourly rate below.
$40 dollars an hour for complex art pieces with a minimum of 4 hours for each artwork. **
Rates for projects are negotiable as well as image rights( contract required )
** Pricing can vary depending upon sizing and complexity of the artwork. Complexity includes multiple characters, creatures ,background, or storytelling aspect of the image, and multiple edits or redraws .
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