Creative Process through Social Media

Recently I have been looking  at my creative design process. I’ve been thinking critically about how I use social media to post every little thing I do because I see so many other artists doing that thing. Well a majority of these other artists already have fan bases as well. They are staying connected toContinue reading “Creative Process through Social Media”

Aekasha The Merrywild Goddess

Aekasha The Merrywild Goddess is an amalgam of a nymph, naga, stag, and Angel. She is a protean fey creature who is exemplifies the magic within nature. She resides within and is apart of The Merrwild Forest. Her living sanctuary from the dark forces of Aerwyn. Song Elves sing of her dangerous beauty.    Continue reading “Aekasha The Merrywild Goddess”

W.I.P Merrywild Goddess “Aekasha”

The Merrywild Forest is home to all manner of Feyfolk and other magical creatures. The Goddess ” Aekasha” watches over the Forest with serpentine gaze. In this form she is a hybrid blend Nymph, Naga,Stag, &Song Elf. She is a gregarious shapeshifter and deletes in the beauty of natural chaos. This is pretty raw andContinue reading “W.I.P Merrywild Goddess “Aekasha””

Childersart Studios is ready to create awesomeness!

My Name is Allen Childers. Long ago in an age of wonder and creativity, basically the late  80’s and early 90’s, I decided I wanted to be an artist. I loved creating comic characters or “guys” and playing them in the back yard with my friends. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-man, &  Ghostbusters were scatteredContinue reading “Childersart Studios is ready to create awesomeness!”