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My name is Allen Childers.

self portrait sketch ©childersartstudios

I am a freelance fantasy artist and concept illustrator. I enjoy drawing characters , creatures and designing wondrous new worlds. I’m a self-proclaimed geek dad who enjoys comics, fantasy, Sci-Fi, and games in all mediums and genres. I am CEO, Art Director ,Project Manager at Spellhawks Press .

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If anyone needs any commission artwork done my prices are fair. I primarily illustrate character and creature artwork. I will do fan illustrations as well.

Thank you!

$30.00 USD – B/W portrait digital illustration
$45.00 USD – Color portrait digital illustration
$55.00 USD- B/W Full figure digital illustration
$70.00 USD- Color Full figure digital illustration

$80.00- Print Signed by artist & shipped ( Anything you want sent to you is 80 dollars flat rate )

Copyright Statement: I own the copyrights to all private commissioned images.

For Commercial Rights Usage: Add $50.00  USD to all pricing. Copyright belongs to the contracting company as long as artist name is presented in work.

Hiring for Freelance Projects:

Rates for professional freelance projects are negotiable. 

** Pricing can vary depending upon sizing and complexity of the artwork. Complexity includes multiple characters, perspective, creatures, background, or storytelling aspect of the image, and multiple edits or redraws . 








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