Kobold Alchemist & Juvenile Mimic

Kobold Alchemist and Juvenile Mimic illustrated in Procreate App on 12.9 Ipad pro. I like the looseness of this sketch and the mimic mug was really fun to draw. I may do the mimic mug by itself later and make stickers or pins out of it. Really had fun with this one.

Sketch Phase Kobold Alchemist ©Allen Childers
Value Scale Kobold Alchemist ©Allen Childers
Color Rough Kobold Alchemist ©Allen Childers
Kobold Alchemist ©Allen Childers

Christmas Elf Sketches

I’ve had a lot of fun this last week drawing these fun Christmas Elves at work. Hope you all enjoy my festive holiday spirit! I start celebrating the holidays around Samhain/Halloween and I don’t let up tell after my birthday! Something about the cold winter months makes me more creative.

Razhar The Demi-Dragon

Razhar Demi-Dragon is a fell beast cursed to forever prowl the shadowy veil between the living and the dead by the Demon Warlock Kauldrak.

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