Creative Process through Social Media

Recently I have been looking  at my creative design process. I’ve been thinking critically about how I use social media to post every little thing I do because I see so many other artists doing that thing. Well a majority of these other artists already have fan bases as well. They are staying connected to an already established base of buyers and reaching out to new ones. With the way I use social media I am not benefiting the improvement of my art.  It’s instant gratification and attention to the few people who enjoy my art. I don’t get approached for commissions and I am not well known. I suffer from too much trolling on the internet being a fan of art, and not doing art.

I have been asking myself is there a more measured controlled way to use social media in my design process? With Patreon I am going to implement the release of specific images as  as I build up the image through out an entire month.  This will allow me to think critically about the image subject I have constructed and think about how to improve the image over all. It may include multiple designs sketches. Scribbled layout with notes and color theories. Why Patreon? Because It delays a bigger reveal of the piece and in the end I only charge for the final image at the end of the month to my Patrons. Its subscription based to so if they find they don’t like my art they can always cancel.

I am hoping that this delays my gratification through social media allows me to improve my artwork through the month thinking about the image. Even if nobody is my Patron I will still have an Image that I forced myself to put in hours on, and an improvement of my art. I know it is a long shot but hopefully it works out.

-Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability.- Roy L. Smith


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